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6 Nonsurgical Treatments for Chronic Knee Pain

Your knee joint connects the long bones of your legs, allowing you the essential mobility that keeps you standing, sitting, running, and walking. Your knee joints take a lot of stress and wear-and-tear, so it’s not surprising that chronic knee pain becomes a problem for many people, especially as they get older.

At BCS Medical of Bryan, Texas, our expert care team can diagnose the underlying cause of your knee pain, from osteoporosis to arthritis. For many, nonsurgical treatment options like those listed here can resolve knee pain problems. Either way, the BCS Medical team has you covered!

1. Bracing

Bracing represents a great way to support your knee joint. When you stabilize your knee with a brace, pain and inflammation resolve. And, after using a brace, your joint may realign, decreasing your likelihood of suffering from ongoing joint pain. Talk to the BCS Medical team about whether a brace could be right for you.

2. Physical therapy

Physical therapy strengthens the muscles around your knee joint, building stability that can help to keep you from falls. When your muscles do more of the work of supporting your knee joint, your bones are less likely to grind together painfully.

At BCS Medical, we can help you put together a customized physical therapy plan to gently provide increased support for your knees and reduce your knee pain over time.

3. Lifestyle changes

If your knees chronically ache, you may need to make changes to your daily routines. Occupational therapy can help you understand knee pain risks at work or related to hobbies. And, if you’re obese or overweight, shedding a few pounds takes pressure off of your knees, giving your knee joints a break.

4. Medication management

You may be able to use over-the-counter medications to manage your chronic knee pain. Pain relieving medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen provide an easy way to ease knee pain. Topical analgesics may also help with your joint pain problems.

And, if your knee pain is related to an underlying medical cause like arthritis, specially targeted medications like antirheumatic drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, and biological response modifiers may be beneficial for you.

5. Injection therapy

Medications like corticosteroids or anti-inflammatory drugs can be delivered directly to your knee joint via injection, giving you quick relief from knee pain and knee joint inflammation. You may also benefit from medications delivered via infusion therapy, another fast-acting treatment option for direct knee joint relief.

6. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy

With regenerative medicine, you benefit from a boost of the natural healing factors that your own body creates to grow new bone and tissue. Your blood carries more healing capabilities than you might realize!

Your knee pain may respond to targeted injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) concentrated from a sample of your own blood. Your symptoms of pain and joint dysfunction may ease after this treatment, as your knee joint responds by producing new stores of tissue and cartilage.

For a holistic, person-centered approach to resolving knee pain, get in touch with the team at BCS Medical today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone, or book online now.

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