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Do I Have to Live with Sciatica Pain Forever?

When you have sciatica, pain related to a pinched or irritated sciatic nerve in your lumbar spine can be felt in your lower back, as well as radiating down one of your legs. You typically only feel sciatica pain on one side of your body at a time. The pain and other symptoms of sciatica can become disabling, interrupting your plans and leaving you suffering and frustrated.

The physical medicine and chiropractic experts at BCS Medical of Bryan, Texas treat new and existing patients who suffer from pain related to sciatica. While some sciatica pain may resolve on its own with time, in other cases you need professional diagnosis and treatment to prevent long-term pain.

You should know that you don’t have to live with sciatica pain. With the BCS Medical holistic and integrative approach, a wide range of treatment options are available to relieve your pain.

Understanding sciatica pain

Your sciatic nerve branches from your lumbar spine through your buttocks and down into both of your legs. You need your sciatic nerve to control muscle movements in your thighs and relay sensations from your legs and feet. If your sciatic nerve becomes irritated or pinched, you could suffer from pain in your low back that also seems to run down one of your legs.

Spinal issues like a herniated disc or bone spurs are common causes of sciatica. Because you’re likely to suffer from sciatica as a result of spinal deterioration, you’re more likely to deal with this condition as you get older. Being overweight, lifting heavy weights, and driving motor vehicles for long periods can also put you at risk of suffering from sciatica.

Treating your sciatica

Mild sciatic may resolve with at-home care over time, but if your symptoms aren’t improving on their own, get checked out by a professional to protect your health and quality of life. The team at BCS Medical can diagnose your sciatica, and help you understand the full range of your treatment options.

We use treatments including traditional modern medical therapies as well as complementary therapies to address and resolve your sciatica pain. Your customized treatment plan for sciatica may include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medication to control your pain
  • Nutrition therapy and weight loss
  • Ergonomic therapy to make changes at home and work
  • Chiropractic care to realign your spine and relieve pressure
  • Spinal decompression therapy, a nonoperative treatment that gently stretches your spine
  • Corrective exercises to release and strengthen impacted muscles

At BCS Medical, we always start with conservative treatment options first, and target the underlying cause of your symptoms to fully resolve your pain. With the right treatments and therapies, you can prevent sciatica recurrences and get back to living your best life.

To learn more about your options for moving past your sciatica pain this spring, get in touch with the team at BCS Medical today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment over the phone, or book online now.

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