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Our Regenerative Medicine Treatments and How They Can Help You

Every minute of every day, your body is negatively affected by the impacts of aging. Skin loses elasticity, joints wear down, and recovering from small or serious injuries takes longer. However, at the same time, your body is also constantly at work, healing, repairing, and regenerating your bones and tissues. What if you could boost your natural growth and regeneration factors?

With regenerative medicine, we’re starting to learn more about how to use your body’s natural growth and generation capabilities to support your whole-body health and wellness. At BCS Medical, our care team is committed to staying at the front edge of regenerative medicine. Here’s what our range of regenerative medicine treatments could do for you in 2021!

Power up with PRP

Your blood powers your entire body, and contains powerful healing and regenerative elements. Your blood plasma is rich in platelets and specialized proteins that rush in to rebuild damaged tissue after an injury or other trauma. With platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, we can deliver a booster shot of these healing factors, targeting areas of your body for accelerated healing and stimulated new growth.

We derive your PRP injection from a sample of your own blood, taken at the beginning of your treatment appointment. We spin your sample in a centrifuge to separate out beneficial elements, and then create your customizable injection. With our cutting-edge, ultrasound-guided imaging technology, the BCS Medical team can deliver a precisely targeted injection to kickstart and accelerate healing and new growth.

Supplement your stem cells

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, naturally occurring in your body, that can become a variety of cell types, depending on your body’s repair and replacement needs. Your stem cells could end up becoming new muscle cells, new bone cells, or even new cells in your brain.

As you age, your body’s store of stem cells tends to deplete, leading to longer healing times and lingering pain and discomfort. With mesenchymal stem cells, the BCS medical team supplements your flagging natural stores. These stem cells, harvested from screened donors from umbilical cord tissue, can safely support your body’s existing stem cell levels. A targeted injection of donated stem cells may be what you need to recover from a degenerative or chronic condition.

Could you be a candidate for regenerative medicine treatments?

Because regenerative medicine relies on naturally occurring biological growth agents, often derived from your own body, you don’t run the risks of negative reactions that you might see with medications. However, injections are somewhat invasive, and can cause some pain and reactions, like redness and bruising. The experts at BCS Medical can advise you on how regenerative medicine treatments could help you, and if you could be a good candidate.

Learn more about your options for regenerative medicine treatment by contacting BCS Medical now. You can book your initial consultation appointment online, or call our Bryan, Texas office today.

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