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The Benefits of TeleHealth to Care for Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 change the way we live, work, and celebrate, you might be worried about health care services you’d been planning on using this spring. Do you have prescriptions that need updating or symptoms you’ve been monitoring and would like to run by an expert? If you need to keep sheltering in place, staying home to prevent the virus from circulating, can you still see a doctor?

The easiest, safest way to get the medical attention you need this spring might be through a telehealth appointment. With the help of cutting-edge technologies, you can still check in with experienced caregivers, get expert advice, and receive prescriptions for new medications, all while staying safely and conveniently at home. At BCS Medical of Bryan Texas, our care team encourages you to take advantage of our telehealth offerings. Here’s what you should know about this option.

How telehealth can support you

The BCS Medical team sees both new and existing patients for telehealth appointments. During these sessions, you can videoconference with a doctor or other care provider, getting remote medical attention and care. We may not be able to physically examine you over a videoconference link, but with a telehealth appointment we can:

  • Check-in on your symptoms, including through a visual examination
  • Discuss your medical and health care concerns
  • Quickly receive photo images of your symptoms as needed
  • Prescribe medications to support your health
  • Send your prescriptions electronically right to your pharmacy of choice

Our two-way, high-definition video interface provides enough detail to ensure the quality of your care. We also give you a chance to remotely upload information about your medical history, symptoms, and personal data through our secure online system before your appointment.

Privacy, safety, and security

Telehealth appointments are protected by HIPAA, so you can rest assured your medical information will stay safe and confidential, available only to authorized users. We use secure equipment for all of our telehealth work. After you request a virtual appointment, we send you a calendar invite and a link to digital forms so that you can register for telehealth services. Then, you only have to use the provided link to “arrive” at your scheduled time. With telehealth, you can receive many of the services you rely on, without having to leave your home.

You can securely send us an online payment to cover telehealth treatment costs. You may need to check to see if telehealth medicine is covered by your insurance. In most states, Medicaid has been helping patients get access to telehealth, but these policies may change as the situation around the COVID-19 pandemic continues to develop.

To learn more about our telehealth offerings, or get started registering for telehealth treatment, you can call our office and talk to a member of our available, supportive staff about your needs. You can also request a virtual appointment with our online tool.

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