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The Importance of Good Posture and How We Can Help You Get it

Growing up, a lot of us were frequently reminded by our parents or teachers to stand up straight and stop slouching. Even as adults, many people can benefit from the support of a medical professional when it comes to their posture. William B. Renner, DC, FIAMA, and the experienced care team at BSC Medical recommend improved posture as part of rehabilitative treatment. Better posture can relieve your current back and neck pain and may have continuing beneficial effects for your back and spine as you age. 

Why good posture matters

Mom and Dad had one thing right — good posture really is important for your everyday whole-body health and wellness. Without good posture, you can find yourself slipping into chronic back pain and your mobility increasingly limited by your physical discomfort. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) defines good posture as the position that supports all parts of your body with the correct amount of gravity. If you sit or stand frequently while using bad posture, hunching your shoulders, or curling your back, stresses build up as gravity pulls unevenly on your spine, muscles, and joints.

Your lower back and spinal discs bear a substantial burden as a result of bad posture, potentially leading to chronic pain and even disc herniation. Other areas of your body, including your neck, shoulders, and even your hips and legs, feel the impacts of bad posture, as well. Your posture also impacts how others perceive you, and even how you perceive yourself. Conquering your bad posture habits can significantly increase your sense of self-esteem, helping you put your best self forward in 2020.

Keeping your spine strong and aligned

We also call good posture “good spine,” a testament to how closely your spine and your posture are connected. With good posture, your muscles can balance and evenly support your spine, letting all of your joints function smoothly. If you can consistently maintain good posture, your strength, flexibility, and energy levels will all respond positively.

Even though good posture is important, it’s not always easy to find or maintain. We need reminders about good posture for real reasons. Factors from your emotional state to your work habits can cause you to hunch or slouch. When you’ve gotten into the habit of using poor posture, switching to sitting up straight can feel downright strange. That’s why professional support is key to correcting posture problems.

Correcting your posture with professional support

At BCS Medical, our experienced care team treats patients who are looking to correct their posture and heal from years of bad posture from his Bryan, Texas office. A full-service practice, BCS Medical can help you figure out how to correct your posture, and support you along your treatment journey. If you’re worried about your posture, or are experiencing back pain problems, schedule a consultation appointment with us today!

When you first come in for treatment, our team conducts a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, including X-rays or other tests as needed. He can then recommend the best treatments, therapies, and supports to bring your spine back into alignment and assist you in developing better posture. Chiropractic treatments can be helpful in healing the accumulated results of bad posture, and exercises and self-check practices will let you take control of your own alignment.

As you improve your posture, you become more aware of your alignment. Your muscles strengthen and get used to the right position. Habits that feel very difficult at first will quickly become second nature. Once you’ve got the habit of good posture, you can enjoy the benefits of improved motion, better balance, and freedom from back pain for years to come. To schedule your initial consultation appointment with our team and get started on your path to good posture, you can call by phone or use the online booking tool.

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