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What is Nutrition Therapy?

Your body derives essential nutrients from your diet, using them to build new tissue, shore up your bones, and recover from damage. When you were growing up, you probably learned some basics of nutrition, either at home or at school. In most situations, those old rules of thumb about food choice can help you stay strong and healthy.

However, many medical conditions put unique stresses on your body. Some foods may trigger flare ups of symptoms, like inflammation. You need to re-learn how to eat to support your wellness and healing.

Through medical nutrition therapy, the expert care team at BCS Medical works with you to put together an individualized nutrition plan to support your needs. We rely on evidence and health science to provide your body with essential nutrients, while identifying and eliminating any trigger foods that may be setting you back.

Unique nutrition needs

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognizes the importance of nutrition therapy for patients with many medical conditions.

Nutrition therapy can help patients who need to reduce calories for weight loss. With nutrition therapy, you can reduce several of the key risk factors for heart disease. Patients with diabetes can benefit from nutrition therapy to prevent their disease from progressing further, and to begin the weight loss journey. Nutrition therapy can also help you manage gestational diabetes.

However, nutrition therapy isn’t just for weight loss. If you’ve been through a trauma, or have a serious medical condition, you may also benefit from nutrition therapy. For patients who need to heal and regrow tissues, we often recommend specialized high-protein diets.

If you have gut or digestive system problems, including ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and Celiac disease, you might need nutrition therapy to learn to live with your condition, and to rebuild and support your digestive system. In cases when you need tube or intravenous feeding, such as during treatment for cancer, we can work with you to keep your body nourished.

Putting together your plan

The BCS Medical team starts your nutrition therapy with a comprehensive nutrition assessment. Then, we put together your nutritional diagnosis with your goals to create your customized care plan.

As part of your nutrition therapy treatment, we also provide ongoing monitoring and support, and can work with you to change your care plan as needed. While you may only need nutrition therapy for a short time, some patients benefit from long-term treatment.

To find out what nutrition therapy could do to support your health and wellness this fall and winter, contact BCS Medical today. You can schedule your initial consultation appointment with a member of our expert team by calling our Bryan, Texas offices today, or book with the online tool. We can also provide your nutrition therapy care as part of our telehealth treatment program.

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