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What’s Involved in Rehabilitation?

You might need rehabilitation, also known as rehab, for many reasons. You might have been injured in a car accident, or be recovering after a surgery or other intensive medical treatment. You could also potentially benefit from rehab if you have problems with knee pain, lower back pain, arthritis, sciatica, and a wide range of other debilities.

No matter why you need rehab, the experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable team at BCS Medical of Bryan, Texas are here to help. We provide full support and expert treatment for patients with rehab needs. Let us tell you more about what you can expect as part of professional rehabilitation.

The goals of your rehab

At BCS Medical, we use a holistic and integrative approach to rehabilitative care. Your personalized treatment plan takes into account your unique health care needs, helping you achieve your personal goals and healing milestones as you recover from debilitation or trauma.

With rehab, we help you work on regaining lost function, relieving pain and increasing mobility so that you can get back to regular life as much as possible. We can also help you adapt to a new disability, finding new ways to get out there and keep living your best life. Rehab aims to increase your independence.

A range of therapeutic options

Your rehab can take many forms at BCS Medical, where we combine traditional approaches and alternative therapies to fully support and heal your health and wellness.

You could benefit from chiropractic care to increase your joint mobility and kickstart your natural healing capabilities. Hot and cold therapy can reduce pain and inflammation, improving your circulation. Trigger point therapies may be able to resolve even stubborn pain problems.

Corrective exercises improve your strength and flexibility. Posture correction addresses stubborn neck and back pain. Regenerative medical treatments and therapies, like acupuncture, can support and accelerate your healing while you build back your strength and vitality.

Nutrition therapy restores your overall health and wellness, and can help you lose weight if needed. You might also benefit from identifying dietary triggers. We can help you plan and document elimination diets, and use sensitivity tests to gather information about your dietary triggers.

Staying the course

The BCS team understands that rehab can be a struggle, but we know that it’s worth it for our patients to regain lost strength and function. The support of our experienced professionals gives you an extra edge in staying the course of your rehab. If you can fully complete your rehab program, your physical health and wellness could be improved for years to come.

You get the best results out of rehab when you fully benefit from personalized attention and ongoing support. At BCS Medical, we tailor each person’s rehabilitation program, creating unique treatment plans and providing care and accountability throughout the treatment process.

To learn more about the integrative and holistic practice of rehabilitation at BCS Medical, get in touch with our offices today. You can book your initial consultation appointment by phone or online now.

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